Innovative Cryptography

Cryptographic Innovations with AI

Developing new cryptographic primitives and functions is a complex, time-consuming process that requires deep knowledge in cryptography and specialized expertise. Most standardized algorithms rely on hyper-parameters, which are challenging to research and validate. Given their human-generated nature, these parameters are susceptible to errors and flaws.

Our approach involves leveraging well-known cryptographic schemas, such as the Feustel Network, and experimenting with their cryptographic primitives and hyperparameters. We employ deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques, proven in other domains, to automate this process. This method allows us to generate a series of results with stable quality and compare them against existing algorithms based on the same architecture. Our basic model consists of 8 fully bonded layers with 128 neurons each, requiring approximately 30 minutes of training time on a notebook with an embedded 1070 graphics card.

PMV2 Directions

Mass technologies of the modern market require specific protective mechanisms from the field of new cryptographic methods. These new methods are connected with controlled multi-channel cryptography together with steganography and other methods of information concealment. Our creative laboratory offers new technologies and products based on multi-channel cryptography to encrypt, communicate, and store confidential information. These technologies and products involve high technology directions like cryptographic multi-channel systems, corporate two-channel electronic mails, protection of digital cards, electronic safes, and protection of paper documents, trademarks, corporeal property, and intellectual property from forgery

Blockchain Analysis Libraries

Our team is dedicated to developing unique libraries for blockchain analysis. These libraries form the foundation of our innovative products, which are designed to deliver comprehensive solutions for blockchain data management and security. Our expertise extends to creating systems for secure blockchain communication, encrypted storage of blockchain data, and advanced analytics tools that help understand and leverage blockchain technology. These capabilities enable us to offer state-of-the-art solutions for managing and protecting blockchain-based assets and information, catering to a wide range of applications while maintaining the highest standards of security and confidentiality.