NS Wallet - Offline Password Manager

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NS Wallet is an offline password manager designed for maximum privacy and security. It keeps all data on your device with no server or cloud involvement, ensuring absolute privacy. Open-source and trusted by thousands since 2012, NS Wallet is ad-free, registration-free, and tracking-free. Key features include AES-256 encryption, customizable information fields, fingerprint login, automatic backups, auto-lock, and a secure password generator. Available on iOS and Android, it offers seamless, secure access across devices.

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Adamas - Tokenizing Luxury Assets

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ADAMAS is a cutting-edge project developed by IntelliSoftAlpin that combines the stability of physical assets with the efficiency of digital technology. ADAMASĀ® offers a unique opportunity to invest in tokenized diamonds and art, bringing transparency, security, and ease to the investment process.

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Black Rocket Phone - Secure Phone

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Meet Black Rocket OS, the ultimate operating system forked from GrapheneOS, designed to set a new standard in mobile security and customization. With a focus on unmatched privacy, security, and a suite of powerful features, Black Rocket OS is the perfect choice for anyone who values their digital freedom and wants to keep their data safe.

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NeuroCrypto = Feistel network + Deep Learning

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NeuroCrypto utilizes the Feistel network, a robust method for creating block ciphers, to design custom encryption algorithms for each client. The Feistel network, composed of uniform cells that handle data and keys, ensures high reliability and security. NeuroCrypto trains unique cryptographic primitives for each client, enhancing resistance to cryptanalysis and providing personalized encryption solutions. This approach, validated by passing the NIST test suite in CTR mode, offers security on par with standard algorithms like BlowFish.

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CTokens.io - Cardano Tokens Portfolio

CTokens.io stands at the forefront of innovation, offering Cardano aficionados a user-friendly platform to monitor token exchange rates with unparalleled ease. Our platform integrates flawlessly with a variety of Cardano wallets, enabling users to automatically determine the value of their holdings with precision.

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Our products are crafted to empower you within the Cardano ecosystem, whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out. For support or more information, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help you navigate our product offerings.